Man Wears ‘Scream’ Mask to Collect His Lottery Winnings so His Relatives Can’t Ask Him for Money

prevailing the lottery is a myth you can’t assist but entertain. certain, the percentages of prevailing border on the not possible, however a person has to take home the prize in the end proper? It’s tempting to envision the type of lifestyles you would possibly have after taking home the jackpot. you may ultimately quit your terrible task, stick it for your jerk of a boss, pay off that suffocating debt – oh, and possibly get sucked dry by all of the cash-hungry buddies and own family who’d come out of the woodwork once they saw the big news.

Yep, sadly triumphing the lottery can draw a variety of unwanted attention from folks that simply need in on a brief cash grasp. buddies start searching at you with cartoon greenback signs in their eyes, cousins you’re pretty positive you don’t have all of a surprising need to take you to lunch—so long as you’re buying. Couple that with the heightened risk of theft, and it’s almost easier to never have gained at all.

when the maximum current winner of the Jamaican lottery accumulated his large test, he wasn’t taking any probabilities. the man retained his treasured anonymity with the help of the enduring mask from the horror film Scream.

Admit it, you’ve imagined what it would be like to win the lottery.

maybe you’ve thought about all the approaches your lifestyles could ultimately alternate with some million inside the bank, or even played a Powerball once or twice.

It feels like a silly fantasy, but there’s always the small chance you’ll win it all.

You’re really just a couple bucks and a few lucky numbers away from a life free of financial worry.

However, the reality of the lottery is a little more complicated than signing a giant check and riding away in a limousine.

As the Notorious B.I.G. once so wisely observed, “mo’ money can often mean mo’ problems.”

Some lotto winners have made a point to keep their identities private.

How much money you have shouldn’t be anyone’s business but your own, right?

Like this guy, whose camouflage of choice really says it all.Like this guy, whose camouflage of choice really says it all

A Jamaican lottery winner recognized simplest as A. Campbell wore the assassin’s mask from the horror conventional Scream to acquire his prize money remaining week.

Yeah, my face would probably look about like that mask if I won the lottery.

Campbell decided to remain anonymous during his required public check signing to avoid attention from greedy friends and relatives. No word on what inspired the rest of the look, which included black leather gloves.

People are loving the look and Campbell’s brilliant move.

Wearing a mask to sign your lotto check might seem like overkill.

But Campbell and Gray’s concerns are real. There’s an unfortunate dark side to the lottery that many former winners have found themselves suffering.

Despite our joyous lottery fantasies, a lot of winners’ stories are downright tragic.

Abraham Shakespeare’s $30 million wins turned dark when his extreme generosity led to his eventual murder at the hands of a deranged, opportunistic “friend.”

Loved ones can turn on you fast.

1993 winner William submit called his $16.2 million win a nightmare after his landlady extorted him for a third of the prize, and his brother attempted to lease a agreement killer to go after publish and his wife.

He became bankrupt and divorced six times by 2006.

Dark family secrets can come to light.

Ibi Roncailoli, a Canadian winner of $5 million, gave nearly half of her prize money to a secret toddler she’d had out of wedlock. while her husband learned the reality, he murdered Roncailoli with poison.

It’s hard to say no to friends in need.

After handiest 20 months as a $31 million winner, Billie Bob Harrell had misplaced all his cash and was useless by way of suicide after being harrassed for handouts from the ones closest to him.

Or it could just end up stolen.

$314 million Jack Whittaker was robbed three instances. as soon as for $545,000 alternatively for $2 hundred,000, and later whilst he turned into drugged and robbed by way of a strip club manager and dancer.

Even if you’re successful in keeping your win a secret for a while, the truth comes out eventually.

Denise Rossi tried to hide a $1.3 million prize from her husband during a divorce she filed for just days after winning. But when a judge discovered her lottery money, the court awarded it all to her now ex-husband.

Because of the risks involved, some think a mask isn’t even enough.

Spend spend spend? Not so fast.

England lottery winner Vivian Nicholson famously promised to “spend, spend, spend!” her £3 million on fineries, but ended up having to live off the meager proceeds from the musical based on her life, “Spend, Spend, Spend.”

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