10 things that men don’t like about women

What did you experience when you study the title 10 matters that men don’t like approximately ladies. Curious? all of us realize that men are from Mars and women are from Venus- that is what makes them so one-of-a-kind. every person has a unique type of personality and with regards to women- they’re absolutely different from guys. when it comes to interaction between the 2, it isn’t loose from humor and irony. There are millions of jokes sprawled everywhere in the net approximately the 2 being in or out of relation. it’s miles like putting magnets apart; the equal might repel and the opposites would attract.

There are 10 things that guys don’t like about girls and we’ve got compiled a listing of them under. while you’re out with that special guy of yours- make certain you follow the pointers given right here at Wonderslist.

10. Questions

ladies have been born with a question mark on their foreheads. In fact, my pal constantly asked me to curl up my hair flick in this kind of manner that it makes a question mark. this is the humorous side of it, however significantly, girls love asking questions whilst guys hate answering them because only a few realize their manner across the tricky element- the confession. girls are usually throwing a chain of questions toward the person because they want him to make a confession or they need to recognize some thing that he desires to disguise. for example;

She: How become the wedding?
man: exquisite
She: How did the bride appearance?
He: pretty!
She: What color was she sporting?
He: Didn’t you see? White!
She: Oh, so you were gawking on the bride all the time which is why you already know she changed into wearing white?

9. Taking Forever to Get ready

“i’ve nothing to put on!” that is the standard factor every lady could say each time she has to get geared up to go someplace. If she does have some thing to wear, there is constantly the part of finding out what to put on. She may strive out a couple of dresses until she eventually settles down for one. After that comes the dressing and makeup component, the coiffure, the matching add-ons and so forth…

A lady takes all the time to get geared up in case you look from the man’s perspective, although each moment is worth spent ultimately, however guys do now not like that women take all the time to get ready. on occasion getting late is pretty true and guys disliking it’s miles quite unfair given that a female has to attend to herself and the kids earlier than she can dress up. guys on the opposite quit do not have such obligations. planning things beforehand of time would be beneficial in this example.

8. Shoulder to cry on

Men do not like it when women try to turn them into a girlfriend. Men want to discuss things that are provocative, seductive and fun. They are not looking to be a shoulder for the girl to cry on. Although some very strong men would opt to be both for a women- fun plus an emotional consultant but the latter is a rare species. Women in general should resort to discuss the long stories with their female friends and leave short conversations for the man. They do not want to know how much discount you got from shopping today and they are certainly not interested in how badly the neighbor’s daughter dressed up at your friend’s bridal shower.

Men only want to know how cool they look, how dapper they appear to you before the closeness and how excited you get when he gets provocative. Yes those are their favorites. Once done, you can top it with anything of your choice- but limit the main flavor to these favorites.

7. Opinions

Men would love to show how intellectual they are for example but citing their opinion on how irresponsible North Korea is being. Yet, they hate to give their opinions on something that is girlish like how pretty the red dress looks and how would the skin dress go with black trousers. They would certainly not want you to ask whether they think you are fat and here is why we think so:

She: Do I look fat?
He: No, you are pretty.
She: I am asking about weight not face. Do I look fat?
He: Not at all!
She: You lie, I gained 3 pounds. I checked today.
He: yeah, you look a bit fatter.
She: But you just said not at all before. You lie!

Now you know why they don’t want to tell you that! Maybe you should just rely on the weighing machine and not make the scales talk!

6. Sex Weapon

Okay this one is most important even though we are keeping it in the middle of the list. Men hate it when women use sex as a tool for blackmail. Just because you were offended with something does not mean that you go to bed angry and sleep on the far end. It should be just the opposite. In fact, you should allow yourself to rub or touch against him as you lie down which is likely to melt off the anger in both of you. Make sex a weapon to get closer and to shoot down ego and quarrel, not otherwise.

5. Shopping

This one is quite obvious. Some men truly have a great sense of fashion even if it is in women’s items but that still does not mean that they will enjoy shopping for the same. Men don’t have the patience for the way women shop. They can’t wait for 24 hours outside the shop as women select a pair of undergarments that won’t even show! Girlfriends and wives that take a few minutes to shop are a blessing for their men. Remember the conversation about curtains in Mrs. and Mr. Smith, that happened between Brangelina? Yeah! That is what we are talking about.

4. Talking

Young couple in conflict shouting isolated on white background

Men do not like it when women go on and on about something especially about themselves. Men love to hear how good they are but they do not like the woman ranting about what she wants. Legend has it that a woman uses the double amount of words in life than those used by the man. This reminds us of;

He: Do you know that women use 30,000 words on average and men use 15,000 on average, daily?
She: That’s because women have to repeat everything they say for the men.
He: What?

So now you know that the legend might be a bit distorted!

3. Criticism

10021990 – couple having a discussion in summer in their vacation

Men do not like to be criticised. They are not in relationship with a lecturer or a dictator. They hate being bossed around by their women and loathe it when the immaculate lady criticises their habits. So what if they pick up a shirt from the laundry pile and wear it? Just because they are men, they can and the lady ought not to point out that they are wearing yesterday’s socks upside down. They don’t like it even if the socks stink with sweat!

2. Silent treatment

Many women believe that expressing anger in silence instead of words is better because words hurt while silence does not. However, we believe that letting the pain and anger build up inside can make the woman give her man the silent treatment for days. Instead of letting it boil up to the point of eruption, let it cool down as you let it out in words. No point in letting it erupt as no one can swim in lava and as the rubble plummets- it hurts!

1. Good memory

They say that a camel never forgets when someone does bad to it. Men do not like it when women play camel. It is amongst the worst 10 things men don’t like about women. Women have a good memory and dementia is comparatively less common in women than in men, but that obviously does not mean that you use this strength to remind your man of every weakness that he possesses. When you remind him of something that he did a year ago against something good and just the opposite that you are doing today, it does not create a soft corner- rather it angers and hurts him.

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